A weekend with the parents

Oh it was hard to get out of bed at 6.30am on Saturday morning for this week’s long run. Healdsburg is 10 weeks away, my lovely parents were in the house….did I HAVE to get up and run? But I have vowed to do 9 milers as my long runs whilst they’re here, before notching it up to a couple of  14 milers before the next Half. So yes, I did have to run.

I’m excited about running in the Autumn vines!

Getting out of the house, as ever, was the hardest part. The skies were grey, the temperatures a little chilly even, but I know many Americans would be grateful for such conditions. My legs were still heavy after yesterday’s not-that-impressive beep test, but slowly they loosened up. I did a simple loop with my Monday hill in the middle and then flew down the other side and dashed home to be with my family again!! 9.2 miles at 9’35. I’ll take that, thank you!

The rest of the day was spent doing my best couch-potato impression watching the amazing Team GB win ridiculous numbers of gold medals.  We’re not really used to sporting success as a nation so it was desperately exciting.

Other scenes from the weekend:

Hiking in the lovely Redwoods at Huddart Park
Feed us NOW!
I love my Mum (and my Dad, obviously)

This week should be fun…we’re going up to Napa and Sonoma to taste some wine…and then off to Sacramento to check out the train museum. I love having guests, and I should get to squeeze in a run somewhere new!!!

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