Great Expectations

This week is a week of sporting expectations.

Firstly, because it’s my blog, let’s talk about mine. It’s day minus three. I am really quite ridiculously excited about Sunday’s half marathon and I’ve been trying to work out what time I’ll be happy with on Sunday.

My best ever half was 2.00.04. FOUR FLIPPING SECONDS. Let’s talk about that another time. I was 29, it was in Wokingham, in England. The course was ridiculously flat and I was fit!!! I ran the Kaiser Half in February this year in 2.06.16 which was better than I had dreamed of. Again, the course was flat, with some gentle downhill. Sunday’s course is not flat. It has hills. But after Saturday’s dress rehearsal, I have two big objectives.

Objective A) To get under 2.06.16, my Kaiser time. Given the hills on this course, this would be a big deal for me!

Plan B) To go sub-two. I KNOW, I KNOW. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I’m going to try really hard. I’m going to stick with the pacers as long as I can, and I’ll Gu up…and see what happens.

Now let’s talk the Olympics. Because they’re coming up and I’m excited. Actually, I feel a little odd…a little detached. Obviously I’m supporting Team GB….but I know so little about them. We don’t watch British TV so I haven’t seen the TV build up. I don’t know who many of the medal prospects are, I don’t know who the media are hyping. I know more about some of the US prospects than the Brits.

But I read a great analogy in the Times this weekend…that only supporting British athletes would be like only drinking Chardonnay.  Which would be a crying shame because there’s Pinot Noir and Zinfandel and Pinot Grigio. There is a world of wine out there and it tastes amazing. Similarly, there is a world of exciting talent and stories and triumph out there. So whilst we support our home teams, let’s not forget to be inspired by other nations as well, especially those from nations we don’t easily identify with. Because I bet those are the countries with the drama!

I have great expectations for the Olympics – expectations that I will be inspired to run faster or further, to get back on my bike again, to try synchronised swimming in our pool and to maybe even row a boat on Stow Lake. It’s a fortnight of tears and glory, of national anthems and six-pack abs. I can’t wait. Bring it on, London!!

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