I would run to you!

Let’s start by talking boys on bikes…your Tour de France update! A Frenchman won yesterday, Federigo. It was a bit of a dull stage. And today (Tuesday) is a rest day before the Pyrenees mountains on Wednesday! But Brad is still in yellow. We are planning a TdF party on Sunday…we will either celebrate or sob, we’re not taking anything for granted yet but we are hoping….

Anyway. I’ve already said I’m a sucker for an advert…and this weekend I found this one online. Looks like I’m a sucker for a Nike advert.

Anyway. The ad. It’s not new, you’ve probably seen it so I apologise if so, but it’s SO funny…and the girl looks SOOO cute and her hair is SO nice and her make up is SO pretty and I do like her top too. Makes me want to run!!


                I would run to you, Husband! Happy Birthday!


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