You’re a runner.

Sometimes, I might get a little obsessive about running.

Sometimes I think I need to run fast to be a runner. Or run long. Or both. Sometimes I think I need to run hills to be a runner. Or trails.

Sometimes I think I need shiny new clothes to be a runner. Or I need to foam-roll. Or I need ice-baths. Or I need to run races. Or run a sub-two half marathon.

But the beauty of running is that anyone who runs is a runner. All you need is good shoes and a good sports bra. Sometimes (like me) you just need good shoes. And you need to run. Not fast, not far…just run.

And there you go. You’re a runner.

I read this post this week and it was a salutary reminder to keep it simple.

By the way…Happy Birthday America. Sorry about the War of Independence. We love you. And thanks for introducing me to red velvet cake.

Oooh…and a special Independence Day Tour de France update.

Yesterday’s stage was won by Peter Sagan who is the revelation of this year’s tour. He’s 22, he’s from Slovakia and he’s riding his first ever Tour de France. He won his very first stage and won again today. He is incredible! It wasn’t a stage that Cav can win (he’s a sprinter) and Brad Wiggins is still happily in second place. This year’s Tour is shaping up to be a corker, we are LOVING it!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dana says:

    Amen! I need to hear that, being the wimpy, bunion-suffering runner that I am. but I’m still a runner! 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      You and your bunions are indeed runners 🙂

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