Race Report: Kaiser Half Marathon, Feb 2012

Yep…this is an OLD race report. Well, it’s a new report but the race was AGES ago. But this is a new blog and I haven’t done any races since I started the blog and oh that feels wrong!!  I feel like half a running-blogger. So I’ve decided to do a race report, using the entry I did on our family blog, so I can remember pretty much everything!! Just indulge me!


The Kaiser Half was on Feb 5th, the day before my birthday. I hadn’t run a Half since 2004, it felt like time to do one again. It starts in Golden Gate Park, just beyond the Conservatory of Flowers, heads out of the park along the Panhandle, back round the other side, through the Park again and then heads three miles south down the Ocean road and three miles back up north, finishing just inside the park from the Park Chalet. It’s a flat, slightly downhill, route and it’s fast!

On The Day

We spent the night before at the home of our friends Erica and Mark, who live in the Haight. I was so excited I could hardly sleep, and snuck out of the house at 7am, leaving my boys to sleep. It was a lovely walk to the park and to the start line where I handily bumped into my friend Dana in the queue for the loos!! And then we lined up and they sang the national anthem. I have never heard the national anthem (of any nation) sung at the start of a sporting event in which I was participating and it was really lovely. The crowd had been noisy and excited before the lady started singing, but they hushed quickly and then clapped at the bit about ‘the land of the free’ which made me a bit weepy. But then we were off!

It was an amazing run. We ran round the Panhandle and back through the park. The course is pretty much entirely flat with some downhill so it wasn’t challenging. Some friends came to the end of their street to cheer me on in the first mile which made my day, and then I just padded onwards. The weather was glorious, the long-sleeved top came off within two miles and I was running in a sleeveless top, which is ridiculous for February!! There is a long, gentle downhill at one point, so I stretched my legs out and ran properly and felt like Paula Radcliffe before resorting to the Ramsden Ramble, my usual pace, when it flattened out. At the end of the park, we hit the Ocean and ran three miles down and three miles back which was a little dull. And then, suddenly, I spotted the balloon on the Dude’s buggy and there were my boys, along with our friends. There was a lot of shouting of ‘Babby Boo’ and ‘Mummy Moo’ and then the Dude cried when I failed to stop running. But very soon after that I saw the finish line and dashed across, and I had run it in 2 hrs, 6 mins and 17 seconds which frankly was much faster than I had hoped to run.

And then we staggered to Crepes on Cole for French Toast, which I had wanted for 11 months but hadn’t burnt enough calories to justify. This time, they were justified so I consumed them (inhaled them) and felt very happy and a little nauseous.

I loved this race, and if Healdsburg doesn’t give me my sub-two, I’m running Kaiser again in 2013 as I know this one will!!

Tour de France update!

Just in case my breathless excitement hasn’t got you firmly on the TdF bandwagon yet, I’ll update you! Cav won yesterday in CLASSIC Cav style, and Brad is lying happily in second place overall. Thought you’d be pleased!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. You look so happy in your pics! That’s always a good sign.

    And I always feel a little nauseated after running, which is a shame because I want to eat a house immediately. BTW, I want to eat that french toast right now.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks for your comment…I LOVE your blog, so you’ve made my day! I have the gift of being able to eat at any time…that’s why I look happy in my pics!!

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