Tour de THE BRITS!!

I don’t get excited about sporting events, really. Apart from two of them and they are both kicking off in July.

Obviously, there’s the Olympics. I love ’em. Really do. Doesn’t everyone? This time round, it’ll be slightly bittersweet because the Olympics will be in the UK and we will be in California. I remember when London won the bid. I was SO excited. Many people were all ‘Oh it’s a waste of time, it’ll be rubbish’ and I was the lone voice of hyper-excitement. Now everyone else has come round to my way of thinking…but I’m on the other side of the world.

Nearly your big moment, London!

Anyway, we’ll talk about the Olympics next month. Because this weekend, my BEST, BIGGEST, MOST EXCITING sporting event kicks off…the Tour de France!!

I love it SO much. We used to do loads of cycling before we had the Dude, so the TdF was an annual bike extravaganza!! We used to get home from work, make dinner and watch the highlights as we ate. Then, in 2009, I dragged my six month pregnant bump over to Paris with the Husband and we sat on the Champs Elysee for five hours so we could watch some men on bikes flash past us like streakers! It was so worth it.

We set up our cheering space EARLY! Got a great view
Speeeeedy boys!

Watching the Tour de France in California is fun in a different way. We watch it first thing in the morning before the Husband goes to work. How this is going to fit in with morning runs I haven’t yet decided. But it’s going to be fun.

If you’re new to the Tour, here’s an excellent explanation of how it works.  It starts in Liege in Belgium (because that’s in France, obviously) and finishes as ever in Paris. They’ll cover over 2,000 miles in three weeks.

This year will be particularly exciting because we Brits, not a nation known for sporting greatness, stand a good chance of dominating it. Firstly, we have Mark Cavendish – the Husband’s, Dude’s and my sporting hero. He’s from the Isle of Man, he’s gobby, ridiculously confident and OH so fast. He’s the World Champion. He can be relied on to give proper, emotional, raw TV interviews instead of polite, media-training chitchat and he is the fastest man in the world. He’s a Sprinter, he’s in the running for the Green Points jersey and he’s amazing. We named our car in the UK after him.



Secondly, we have Bradley Wiggins who is our contender to win the whole thing (general classification). We have never really had a contender to win the whole thing, and I have mixed feelings about Brad because I had the premonition at the Dude’s birth that I had just given the world the First British Winner of the Tour de France. But I’ll be happy to be wrong. Brad is thin, steady, mean on the time-trials and is in ridiculously good form. I have a feeling we’re bringing it home to the UK this year.



Expect a lot of cycling chat for a running blog over the next three weeks. I’m excited!!!!! Get excited too, please??

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicola says:

    Not sure I can quite share the same enthusiasm for the TdF, but am excited about the Olympics! Even though I have no tickets, and am unlikely to see anything live, I’m still hoping we knock the world’s socks off! Just a few requests: at least half the days (preferably more) to have sunshine, no flooding, no bus/tube/train strikes over a paltry £500 bonus for turning up to work while a major sporting event is happening, and please let Boris break a leg and be replaced by David Beckham (or similar) for the whole event. He’s great, but a liability on the global stage… Please; no mention of wiff waff… 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      You wait till we win…the Brits will be all over it. And di you know the Olympic cycling road race (the first event) has good potential for a British winner (Cav) and is free for anyone to turn up as it’s just the roads. I would be there in a heartbeat!!

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