Running the world

There is great excitement in the Ramsden household – we are currently planning our summer holiday (aka vacation) and it is VERY exciting. If all goes as planned, we’re off to Hawaii for the first time in September. Current thoughts are a few days in Honolulu & Oahu and then the rest of the time in Kauai. If you’re a Hawaii expert and have any thoughts, let me know!!!! Things to see, things to do? We haven’t had a family holiday since we moved to the States. We’ve done trips and I don’t mean to be ungrateful but a week’s holiday?? SO excited.

Summer toenails make me so happy.

September will be mid-training cycle for Healdsburg and my Sub Two or Cry campaign so I’ve been googling running on both islands. I KNOW there is no need to do so 3 months out, but it’s part of the fun of planning a holiday.

Obviously there’s which is flipping useful but then I stumbled on this fantastic website called  where you can filter down to where you’re going on holiday and find recommended running routes. Invaluable, eh?

Any other tips on planning holiday runs? Any websites? Anyone been to Honolulu/Kauai and have any great ideas? Let me know….I have routes to map!

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