Welcome, welcome to this week’s long run.

I find that my Saturday long runs are becoming a favourite part of the week. I start looking forward to them from Thursday onwards, measuring out a route, checking the weather forecast, planning what to wear.  So this Saturday, the alarm went off at 6am and I was awake and ready, but firstly we had to fit in the start of Fathers’ Day in our household as The Husband was playing golf early on Sunday morning so we wouldn’t be able to do it then.

Card and present handed over, I got out the door, just in time to split up a fight between Charlie the cat and an ugly creature from a few doors down. Fur was everywhere – it wasn’t Charlie’s! That’s my little fighter. I was in a very Hunger Games mood today, even though I know I’m 10 – 20 years too old and three months too late to be in a Hunger Games mood. But I was… so I, a suburban Katniss Everdeen aged 37, headed off feeling strong.

Anyway, on Friday, I bought something slightly embarrassing – what Americans call a Fanny Pack and Brits call a Bum-Bag. It’s a proper running one, with a special iPhone chamber which is sweat-proof so I can’t ruin it… but basically it’s a bum-bag and I feel slightly mortified to wear one. However it was perfect for my needs – I put my iPhone in it to monitor my run but could adjust the volume of my music as I wanted and could even take my phone out to take the odd photograph en route, which was just what I wanted. It took me a while to find the best place to wear it – on my hip for easy access or in the small of my back once the settings were right – but it didn’t bother me at all. So Amphipod, I like you a lot!!!

My nice new Amphipod

I ran 10 miles, with some hills built in. The first three mils were flat and I cruised along feeling strong. Then there were a few miles of gradual uphill which made me work harder and then the hill from Hell which I crawled up. I then flew down the other side like a Girl on Fire and then had three flat miles home, where I also felt good despite the heat of the morning.

Here’s a physiotherapist who has confidence!!!! Is this legal advertising?

Getting home was very exciting as the Husband downloaded my data from the iPhone. I PROMISE not to bore you every week with this kind of stuff but I find this data so exciting at the moment!!! The Husband has a statistics degree so he LOVED the data!!  So..10 miles done in 1.39.05 with an average pace of 9.49.

9:24 9’24″/mi
18:52 + 0:03 (-1%) 9’27″/mi
28:22 + 0:01 (-1%) 9’29″/mi
38:28 + 0:36 (-7%) 10’06″/mi
49:10 + 0:35 (-6%) 10’41″/mi
59:25 – 0:26 (4%) 10’15″/mi
1:09:36 – 0:04 (0%) 10’10″/mi
1:18:53 – 0:53 (8%) 9’17″/mi
1:28:42 + 0:31 (-6%) 9’48″/mi
1:38:17 – 0:13 (2%) 9’35″/mi

And then a few scenes from the rest of the weekend…

Back and WHACK!!
Gorgeous sunset

(PS…I know I am too old to be channelling Katniss, and I promise to be over the Hunger Games thing by my next post. But in the meantime, may the odds be ever in your favour.)

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  1. Kristen says:

    Cathryn, thank you for all the comments on my blog. I was going to respond over email but couldn’t seem to find your email anywhere on your site.

    It is so funny how fanny packs (bum bags!) are perfectly acceptable for running, even encourgaed but no other time. Like you I am a total stat nerd to and love coming home and pouring over my Garmin results. And, you are never to old for the Hunger Games! 🙂

    You mentioned on my post about the Assos cream and I actually have some of that but have never used it so I will give it a whirl. My favorite cycling shorts and socks are Assos brand. The chamois in the shorts are amazing!

    I love finding new blogs so I can wait to read more of yours!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Hey, lovely to hear from you!! I’m loving reading your bike ride. We did loads of cycle touring before we had a baby and it’s making me miss those days so badly! Assos is amazing – it’s particularly good for hot days. I used it cycling in India and the cool mintiness made me VERY happy!
      Thanks for the reminder about email details – the blog is so new there are loads of things I haven’t done yet!!
      Have a lovely day!

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