Running in the rain!


It seems very funny to be posting this from California – the Bay Area is enjoying a week  of blissful sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. Morning runs are gorgeously cool and then the day heats up. My lily white British legs are slowly going brown, it’s good!!

But mooching around on Youtube the other day, I found something that brought home some great memories. Before I had the Dude, before we moved to California, I used to work in Marketing for a big UK retailer. So I’ve always been a little susceptible to some good advertising. When I started running, 10 years ago, Nike released a fantastic advert that I utterly adored and found really inspirational. I don’t know if it even aired in the States. It’s set in Budapest which looks AMAZING on the advert!

I wish I had the technological skills to embed it properly but I don’t seem to be able to do so. But you can click here to watch it!

I loved it because it was funny and because it made running look so much fun. Nike followed it up by posting me a little sachet of muddy puddle water which I ADORED and kept for years!! I spent that winter running through London, training for the London marathon and no rain could put me off!! Running in the UK means you will inevitably run in the rain at some point – this advert actually made me WANT to run in the rain!!

Having said that – I’m quite happy to live in California and bask in the sunshine!

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  1. Madeleine says:

    And boy have we been running in the rain alot this “summer”!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’ve heard!! Sounds miserable! But you have the Olympics soon and I’ll be so homesick!!

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