Flapjack. The ultimate running fuel!

Flapjack is a British ‘cake’ that I’ve not seen here in California. It’s kind of like granola cake. It is an amazing source of energy for endurance sports as it combined quick release energy (alas, sugar) and slow release energy (oats, nuts, dried fruit etc). It also tastes amazing. Here is my Mum’s flapjack recipe. All credit to Mum.  Try it today (seriously) and have a slab before your next run. You’ll fly!

Cathryn’s Mum’s Flapjack

200g jumbo oats

100g ‘flavourings’. (Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, desiccated coconut, zest, chocolate chips, whatever!)

50g plain flour

100g butter/margarine

2 tbsp Golden Syrup (more on this below)

60g brown sugar

1) Preheat oven to 325 deg F.

2) Grease (and line, if you want) a baking tray.

3) Mix the dry ingredients (oats, flavourings, flour) in a big bowl

4) Melt the butter, syrup and sugar in a microwave (takes about 2 mins)

5) Mix the two together thoroughly until the dry ingredients are coated

6) Bake for 20 mins

7) Allow to cool, but cut into slabs when warm.

The magic ingredient is Golden Syrup. Golden Syrup is a British processed sugar. It tastes amazing but it’s not healthy. Just so you know. Apparently you can replace it with honey and I’m going to try replacing it with maple sugar next time I make a batch of flapjack, but if you’re making it for the first time, find some Golden Syrup. You can get it in British stores, in some fine food stores or in the British/International sections of grocery stores!

Once you’ve cracked the basics, you can play around. I like to add another good dollop of unmeasured butter because I prefer my flapjack softer rather than crunchier, but that’s up to taste. It’s amazing fuel, it tastes gorgeous…it’s the next big culinary sensation, California!


About Cathryn

I'm from Wiltshire, a beautiful rural county in the south of England. My husband, son and I moved to California in August 2010 with my husband's job, whilst I stay at home with The Dude, our gorgeous five year old son. I love running and cycling. I'm a Christian. I am finally learning to cook (about time too). I'm loving exploring this new part of the world and meeting its wonderful people.
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