My Washington post…

I had the most amazing weekend in Washington, DC. I could write a VERY long blog post about this, because it was so fantastic. I met up with two wonderful friends – Christina who lives in Atlanta and Tanja, who is Dutch and lives in Cairo. We used to be in London together in our youth and have gone from cocktail-swilling twenty-somethings to toddler-son-adoring thirty somethings. For obvious reasons we don’t get together very often, so it was very special. We had loads of fun but everyone was up for eating healthily so even though we drank a little wine, I only put on a pound which I think is a triumph for a four-day- girl weekend!

However, the thing I was most looking forward to doing, after seeing my girls, was running the National Mall. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and I managed to wait until 7am on Friday morning before I ran! I actually slept badly the night before because I was SO excited. This is ridiculous and has never happened before but as I hugged Christina goodbye on the cool morning street (she went walking) and set off down my first block, I actually skipped for joy. Like a lamb.

Prepare for many photographs of me in front of monuments – I cherish every one!!

It was a tough run. Much harder than I had anticipated. It’s pretty flat but was warm and humid and I struggled with the humidity. I headed down to the Lincoln Memorial and slogged up the stairs for a photo …

Me and Abe! I’m a fan.

before heading along the Reflecting Pool (most annoyingly covered with tarp) to see the World War Two memorial completely empty of anyone except one sweaty Brit.

From there, I got as close as I could to the Washington Monument before heading slowly along the Mall past the museums as far as the Capitol for my favorite photo!!


Last on my list was popping over to see Barack (who I find deeply dishy) and Michelle (who I think is fantastic) in their new house! So I sweated all over the Leader of the Free World and his nice fence before dragging my dehydrated bottom back to our hotel in Dupont Circle.

So excited I couldn’t keep my eyes open!

I was knackered at the end, but SO happy. It was interesting running in humidity, something I’m not used to at all. I sweated like I’ve never sweated before and felt shriveled but proud at the end! Running is such a fantastic way to see the sights -it made me really regret cities I have visited before and not run around! What a missed opportunity. I covered about 7 miles I think in total before sitting down for my hotel breakfast without even showering. Christina and Tanja are such lucky girls!

By the way,  a belated Happy Diamond Jubilee,  Your Majesty. I’m gutted I wasn’t there to celebrate with you!

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