My favourite run – UK edition

Tomorrow morning I get on a plane, abandon husband, child and cat and head to Washington, DC for a long weekend with some girlfriends. I seriously can’t wait. I’m very excited about running down the National Mall in the morning – expect me to blog breathlessly about it when I’m back in California.

But thinking about this trip reminded me of our last trip and a gorgeous run I had there. Back in March, we went back to the UK to visit our much-loved, much missed families. I come from Wiltshire, a beautiful, rural county south of London. And a few days after we arrived, I laced up my trainers and went for my now traditional ‘welcome home’ run. My village isn’t that pretty, it’s quite modern, but after half a mile of normal life, you run into the old part of the village, down a lane, across a bridge and there you are…in the epitome of England. As I ran, I found my shoulders relaxing, my breath regulating, my heart expanding. It’s a short run…only three miles…but oh it’s beautiful and it’s home!!

So that’s my favourite UK run. What’s your favourite ‘home run’? Or where was your best run when travelling?

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