Tea – the drink to mend a broken heart

I’m British. I like tea. I LOVE tea. It runs through my veins. Tea is the elixir that can mend a broken heart, promote world peace, make a bad day into a good day and is the only appropriate response to bad news. If you tell a British person you’re having a bad day, I’ll put ten dollars on them offering to make you a cuppa.

My favourite Royal Wedding mug

 Without fail, my day starts with tea. Ideally, Marks and Spencer’s Earl Grey, the only thing I ask UK visitors to bring when they come to California. There’s something about the soft, fragrant warmth that is a wonderful start to each bleary morning. It’s more gentle than coffee. One of The Dude’s first words was ‘tea’. That made me very happy.

What I didn’t realise until lately was that tea is actually really good for your heart. Now I can’t work out quite HOW good it is – if it was THAT good, there would be no heart disease in the UK and clearly there is! But it’s good for those hearts of ours, specifically due to the antioxidants it contains.

And Green Tea is even better. I resisted the lure of green tea for a long time. I remember it coming into vogue, trying it and thinking it tasted like dishwater, so that was it. Until last year when I read about the effect it has on cardiovascular health, and decided  I should bite the bullet.

The more I read about Green Tea, the more I’m impressed. It’s amazing stuff, Green Tea. It seems to have a significant effect on heart health. Within 30 minutes, it dilates blood vessels to improve flow. It can reduce the risk of a stroke. Boston University found it normalized some cardiovascular dysfunction – sounds very good to me, that one. It can reduce death from heart disease. There seem to be many studies which show its beneficial effects, and that’s good enough for me.

I now try to drink  a cup every day. I know I should drink more but it’s still not my favorite drink. I’ve found the Tazo varieties to be the best – the ginger and pear one is actually quite nice. I like to drink it after a run – I have this vague idea that, having stressed my heart a little, the green tea works some antioxidant magic on it. Clearly don’t quote this to your doctor 😉

My tea collection!!

But in the mean time, drink up. It’s time for a cuppa!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m a huge tea fan, especially green! Nice to know it’s actually good for me. I do think there’s a lot of variation in quality, though — you definitely have to seek out the really tasty ones!

  2. Tazo tea is my favorite next to Yogi tea. Great blog!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks…it’s a very new blog so I really appreciate your comment!!!

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