The buzz!

Last year, I ran Bay to Breakers… a 12k run across the San Francisco. It was my first race for five years. I ran it on a cloud of happiness, loving every moment of it. I loved Hayes Hill, I loved the fancy dress, the nakedness, running along behind a pair of buttocks, the whiff of dope along the course. It seemed so very San Francisco. We were new Californians, I adored it.

Unofficially representing the UK

So this year, I signed up the Husband (willingly) a few months ago. He used to be a fantastic runner in his youth – he ran a half marathon in 1:33 – and we ran the London marathon together too, years ago. This time round, he did a little training (seriously, just a little) and declared himself done on Tuesday. So this morning, we climbed in the car at 5.45 and headed into the city.

I had such great plans. We would drop him off on the Embarcadero, near the start, and then scoot across the city, miraculously find a car park space near Spreckles Lake and then settle down to cheer everyone on, before meeting him at the end. The Dude, still in his sleep-suit, was ready to go and my visiting Aunt and Uncle from the UK gamely got up at 5am having been promised a parade of nakedness and fancy dress.

Psyched and ready to run!

Alas, it didn’t go to plan. We dropped the Husband off but then got stuck in this hideous, city-wide gridlock of horror which ended up with a two-mile walk through Golden Gate Park to the Meeting Spot after the race. We didn’t see any runners, we didn’t cheer on the Husband. He has always made it to cheer on my races, I felt like such a poor wife. However when we eventually found him, he was grinning from ear to ear and buzzing on that post-race adrenaline rush which makes us sign up for more.


He had:

a) run up Hayes Hill

b) run the whole way

c) run it in less than 1 hour and a half. He did it in 1:23:11.

Bring on the Olympics!

He was buzzing, it was amazing. I was so proud of him. He did so well on so little training. This is where I feel my heart holds me back – I take such a long time to build up fitness and then lose it so quickly. But never mind…his grin made it all worthwhile.

One proud little boy

My Aunt and Uncle were disappointed not to see the race itself, but they did see a LOT of fancy dress costumes and one naked person, so the flight from the UK was worth it! No naked runners in the UK.

Best of all….the Husband’s talking about signing up for the San Francisco Half. We may be a Running Family!!! This merited celebration so we went out to brunch and I had a mimosa in his honour!! And then I had a second as they did free refills. Get your head around that!!!

The second, free mimosa!!

And then we all had a nap!

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