On running.

Okay, so I’ve mentioned that I’m training for a half-marathon in July. It’s this one…the Wipro San Francisco Marathon. You can run the whole thing, the first half or the second half. I love that idea. I’m running the first. It takes you along the Embarcadero, along Chrissy Field, up, over and back across the Golden Gate Bridge and then through the Presidio to Golden Gate Park. A lot of it is flat. A lot of it is hilly. The last three miles??? Hilly!!!! Mean, eh?

I currently run every other day. I have a busy life and I also don’t want to run too much, either risking injury or just burn-out. I would rather run every other day for ever than five times a week for a month. I do my long runs at the weekend. I’m up to 7 miles – 8 miles this coming weekend. I add one mile every week until I get to 12 miles and then I just run 12 milers until the race. Due to my heart I want to build up mileage gradually and this has always worked well for me in the past.

My week-day runs have generally been at my one speed. I plod along happily, smelling the jasmine. This past week however I tried a tempo run. I think it was a tempo run, the terminology freaks me out a little. I ran half a mile to warm up and then ran faster for two miles. I have no idea what speed it was, my watch is basic. But it was maintainable but tough for two miles. I have done one mile for many weeks now but that second mile killed. Ugh it was horrible. At the end, I planned to slow to a jog and crawl home but I was so drained I actually had to stop for a little. I do wonder if this is good for my heart – I have to be honest. I recovered quickly, and was able to jog home slowly after a minute and I was never breathless/dizzy etc. I will do a tempo run again next week but will watch and see how it feels. I’m happy to plod along slowly, it would just be nice to be a tad faster!

I would also like to add hills to my training but I live somewhere pancake-flat. I would have to drive to hills and at 6.15 in the morning, needing to get back so The Husband can go to work, that won’t happen. So once I hit 9 miles for long runs, I can incorporate some stonking hills a few miles away. In the meantime, I have done ‘hill repeats’ up the foot bridge near my house. Hardly hills, but I did 10 of them so it felt like repeats anyway

The obligatory trainers photo. These are Nike Vomeros. I like the purple laces.

The only other thing is about watches. My running watch is basic. VERY basic. It has a stopwatch function and that is literally it. Sometimes, if I can’t find it in the mornings and I don’t want to wake anyone up, I have been known to use this.

I. Am. Speed.

Unsurprisingly I am starting to lust after a Garmin. So I can put ‘mile splits’ on my blog like the blogs I enjoy. So I can see if I get faster/slower etc. So I can measure distance without resorting to Mapmyrun. But they’re expensive and there are a lot of them. Any thoughts? If you’ve made it this far, you must have thoughts on the best Garmin??

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  1. I love the car watch! Awesome. Whatever works. 🙂

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 305, which I got for $150ish a couple of year ago and I LOOOOVE it. I does a ton of useful things and I know it also does tons of stuff that I’ll never use it for. But, I think it’s been discontinued so the price has gone up. Looks like Garmin has it for $200ish. They also have the 205 (also discontinued) for $150ish, which I bet does most of the same stuff. (This is where I looked — https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=166 )

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks!!! I shall start dropping hints. Good luck tomorrow!

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