The main reason I started this blog was for accountability in my new quest to live more healthily. AKA…eat less cake. I suspect that very few people are reading it  – anyone? – but the thought that someone in cyberspace may know my intentions are important to me, and literally in the past few days I have found myself being much more conscious of what I’m eating and how much. I really don’t want to be one of those paranoid women who count every calorie and deny themselves anything apart from broccoli. I accept that for a period, it may be necessary for someone, but for me it’s more about self-control.

Self control and portion control.

I read this amazing article recently on portion control – I would really recommend you read it, I found it really helpful. I find it hard to envisage what a portion of cheese or chicken looks like. This really helped me. I also heard about the ‘palm’ method – you have a palm-full of meat or protein, a palm-full of carbs etc. Personally I would then load my plate with veggies as well. Just being aware of portion control has shown me how much more food I eat than I need to.

Because every blog post about healthy eating needs pictures of cupcakes.

In addition to portion control, I’ve tried to adopt a healthier attitude to food generally. I like cake, if I deny myself cake I will cheat after three days. So on Tuesday (the first day of the new regime), we had in the fridge a stunning chocolate eclair from Tartine. I wasn’t going to deny myself this eclair. So I cut it in half, gave most to the Husband, some to the Dude and then I had two little bites. It worked well – I enjoyed it, felt no guilt and didn’t feel martyred afterwards. Every now and again I try ‘no carbs’ or ‘no meat’ or ‘no alcohol and cake’ and it works for a while but isn’t sustainable. Hopefully by having a little of everything, it might be easier to continue with.

This is the best cake I’ve eaten in 2012

I also read about trying to envisage the food going into your system, CSI style. I like that idea. I put some salad dressing in the fridge a few weeks ago and was repulsed by the solid fat lump it became and the thought of that in my arteries and on my hips. I’m trying to pick foods that are healthy and clean, that I know will do my body good!

The other thing I’ve tried this week is drinking more water. I’m a shocking drinker, I don’t drink much water at all. For the past few days I’ve drunk glass after glass after glass…the trick seems to be a straw. I can’t gulp out of a glass but a straw??? I can down it all. No idea why. Adding lemon and lime is helping too.

So that’s about it at the moment. Self control, portion control, denying myself nothing, focussing on healthy foods and drinking water. I’m struck by how NOT rocket science this is. It’s so simple, it’s so logical. So why is eating healthily so difficult??

But we’re still in the first few days!!!! Give me a bit longer.

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